Annual Briefing Registration & Attendance

How do I register?

Use the registration link on the homepage. An active OSAC account is required. To create a new account go to osac.gov/About/JoinUs

When is the deadline to register?

OSAC members may register throughout the duration of the Annual Briefing. We encourage you to register early to receive all correspondence ahead of the event and to secure your place in networking sessions.

Who can register for the event?

This event is for all OSAC users! You may register for this event if you hold an OSAC account as a member, newsletter subscriber, or government user. If you do not have an account, but wish to become a member or newsletter subscriber, please visit the Join Us page on our main site.

What if my organization is not registered with OSAC.gov?

If your organization is not yet registered with OSAC, the highest ranking security official at your organization may apply on the Join Us page of OSAC.gov. That person will need to provide your organization’s articles of incorporation. Once the organization is registered, an unlimited number of registrants can become OSAC members under the umbrella of that organization.

Can Country Chapter members register? What if they are not OSAC member users?

Country Chapter members can register if they are either OSAC member users or newsletter subscriber users with a login to OSAC.gov. If you are a Country Chapter member without an OSAC.gov account, you can request to become an OSAC member by joining under your organization or request to become a newsletter subscriber. To request to become a member under your organization, click here. The point of contact for your organization will then receive an email notification to approve your request. Once approved, you can register for the Annual Briefing.

Can newsletter subscribers register?

This year, newsletter subscribers can register to attend the Annual Briefing! To become a newsletter subscriber, click here. Please note you will need your OSAC.gov username to register for the Annual Briefing.

Members of my team are not OSAC members but I want them to see an Annual Briefing session. Can they join?

If your organization is registered as an OSAC member, your staff can request to become an approved user by your organization by clicking on the Join Us page of OSAC.gov and selecting “apply as a user to an existing member organization.” The Point of Contact for the organization will then receive a prompt to approve the request. Once approved, they can register for the Annual Briefing.

I am in another Government Agency or the military, can I register?

Yes. If you have a .gov or .mil USG email address, you can register for an OSAC.gov login. Once you have an OSAC.gov username, you may register to attend the Annual Briefing.

Virtual Viewing – How it Works

Where do I view this year’s Annual Briefing?

The OSAC Annual Briefing will be virtual and can be viewed on OSAC’s Annual Briefing website. Content will be aired on the website’s homepage. The Annual Briefing website also provides information on the event’s agenda, sponsors, networking opportunities, and more. Registered attendees will receive highlighted content and reminders through their email prior to the Annual Briefing.

How do I view this year’s Annual Briefing?

As the event draws closer, registered attendees will receive an email to log into their accounts on the Annual Briefing website. Attendees must set a password and log in to see the virtual event on our event website. Logged in members will be given access to the networking and main stage content areas. Links emailed to attendees are unique to each individual and should not be shared.

What security parameters are in place to make sure the audience is vetted?

OSAC considers the safety and security of its attendees, venues, and platforms its number one priority – whether the event is in-person or virtual. For this year’s Annual Briefing, OSAC is requiring all participants to hold an active OSAC.gov member, newsletter, and/or government user login credential, have registered to attend, and acknowledged adherence to Chatham House Rule and OSAC’s Code of Conduct. Violation of any of the above risks the participant’s future involvement in OSAC’s groups and access to its resources. If you have any security concerns, please contact OSACRegistration@state.gov immediately.

Will this event be recorded? If so, where can the recording be found?

Yes, with the exception of virtual networking, the event will be posted to the Annual Briefing website for registered, logged in users directly following the event. Additionally, members may pause and resume the virtual event as it happens.

Will this event be captioned?

Yes, closed captioning will be available for this event.

Braindate Virtual Networking

How will virtual networking work?

This year, OSAC is conducting virtual networking through the Braindate platform.

Braindate allows one-on-one or small group conversations based on topics posted by you and fellow participants in the Braindate Topic Market. Join conversations led by Regional Security Officers, OSAC Analysts, Council leaders, and other OSAC members, or you can create your own!

With Braindate, you can discuss specific security challenges, brainstorm mitigation strategies, or
just share experiences while getting to know new colleagues. To find out more, visit our networking page above.

When are Braindates?

Although the Annual Briefing main content will take place on November 17, OSAC is opening the virtual networking from November 16 to November 18 so members can interact with
each other without missing any of the action. Participants can host and attend Braindates about any topic on all three days, but each day will also feature specific Braindates.

  • On November 16, we’ll feature regional analysis and AMA sessions with our OSAC Research & Analysis team.
  • On November 17, we’ll debrief about the mainstage panels on Climate Change, Nonstate Actors, and Disinformation so members can share their own experiences.
  • On November 18, we’ve invited Regional Security Officers (RSOs) and Diplomatic Security professionals from embassies around the world to host Braindates about their respective postings.
How do I register?

Once you register for the Annual Briefing, you will also automatically register for Braindate! No additional registration is required. When you first go to the Braindate website through our Annual Briefing website, you will be prompted to create a password and log in. That’s it! Keep an eye on your email for more information on Braindate.

Do I need to turn my camera on?

Yes, please! Visual participation will help build an atmosphere of trust and is more likely to lead to a more productive conversation.

I want to attend a virtual networking Braindate but it is at capacity. Can I join a waitlist?

Virtual networking sessions will not be recorded and waitlists are not available for these sessions.

Will these be recorded?

Virtual networking sessions will not be recorded.

How many people can join a session?

A maximum of eight (8) people will be able to join a group Braindate. One-on-one Braindates will be just that!

OSAC.gov Account Assistance

How do I get an OSAC.gov account?

Register for an OSAC account by applying on the Join Us page of OSAC.gov. Once you submit your application, it will be sent to a POC at your organization to approve. Once that person approves your account, you will get an email asking to verify your account and to set up a password. If you need more information or assistance, please contact OSACAdmin@state.gov.

I want to register but I am locked out/forgot my password. Who do I contact for assistance?

If you need to reset your password, visit OSAC.gov and click “I forgot my password” at the login screen and follow the instructions. This request will be sent to the email you have on a file with OSAC. If you need help, please reach out to OSACadmin@state.gov.

I submitted a request for an OSAC.gov account. What is the expected turnaround time?

Please wait five business days before reaching out about the status of your account. If you know your organization’s OSAC POC, we recommend you check in with them to make sure they have approved your application.

Who can help me if my organization’s POC has not approved my application yet?

It is the responsibility of the organization’s point of contact to review all pending user applications for their organization. If you have not received approval, please reach out to the POC within your organization for a status update. If you do not know your organization’s POC, or if that person has departed your organization, please contact OSACadmin@state.gov.

Contact Us

Who do I contact if I need assistance?

If you require assistance, please email OSACRegistration@state.gov for assistance.

ISF Virtual Reception

What is the ISF Virtual Reception?

The International Security Foundation (ISF) is a nonprofit 501(c)3 tax-exempt educational organization with the mission to fund information-sharing programs and networking programs conducted by OSAC. Private sector organizations are able to provide in-kind donations and financial support to the ISF, which are in turn applied to OSAC initiatives. Every year, the ISF hosts its Annual Dinner to celebrate OSAC’s strong public-private partnership and the support of its sponsors and stakeholders. This year, the ISF will host a virtual reception. To view more, please see our sponsors page.

When is it?

The virtual ISF reception will be held on Wednesday, November 17th at 5:00pm EST.

How do I register?

Registration for this free, virtual reception can be found at register.isf4osac.org. Please note that this is a separate registration from OSAC’s Annual Briefing.

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