This session features industry leaders from the OSAC Energy Sector Committee (ESC) for a discussion on how the energy sector operates around the world, often in regions lacking services, and where personnel, operations, and assets are frequently the targets of vandalism due to unrest. The discussion will focus on lessons learned during extended periods of civil unrest in 2019 and 2020, to include targeted activism, that are applicable across industries. How can security professionals work together across industries to respond? How do we acquire intelligence and stay ahead of the curve? How should we share with our people? How do we best leverage law enforcement contacts?


Tracy Reinhold | Vice President and Chief Security Officer | Everbridge
Claire Campbell Prestwood | Senior Security Intelligence Analyst – Americas | Cargill
Alex Jackson | Head of Intelligence & Assessment | Shell International
Brandon Padilla | ESC Chair | International Security & Executive Services Manager | Sempra Energy (Moderator)
Alexandra Scott | OSAC Program Manager (Introduction)

November 16 @ 00:00
00:00 — 01:00 (1h)