This session features industry leaders from the OSAC Aviation Sector Committee (AVSC) for a discussion on this year’s rapid closure of borders and airports with little to no advance warning, and how air carriers managed the unfolding events. The discussion will highlight how international air carriers supported repatriation efforts, including an OSAC member from an organization in need of assistance. The panel will also explore a post-COVID world from an aviation perspective and ways international travelers may need to adjust moving forward.


Karan Singh | Head of Corporate Aviation Security Risk Management | Lufthansa Group
Amy Weschler | Security Intelligence Analyst – Risk Assessment & Mitigation | Delta Air Lines
Khushal Safi | International Security Specialist | Northeastern University
Ned Farmer | AVSC Chair | Geopolitical Risk Manager | American Airlines (Moderator)
Lili Dalton | OSAC Program Manager (Introduction)

November 16 @ 00:00
00:00 — 01:00 (1h)