This session is presented by the OSAC Faith-Based Sector Committee (FBSC). Shannon Fariel-Mureithi, FBSC Chair, will interview humanitarian aid worker, advocate, and consultant, Steve Dennis. In 2012, Steve Dennis was kidnapped by armed men in Kenya. He was taken hostage into Somalia with three other colleagues. Steve will share his experience of the kidnapping and his road to recovery using principles and tools to help leaders and organizations make the right decisions for their employees after release.

An interactive Q&A session will take place with Steve Dennis on Thursday, November 19, at 10:00am EST via Zoom (login details will be shared via OSAC Sector Committee Google Groups and on OSAC members can view the recorded session and come with questions using the Zoom webinar’s live Q&A chat box.

November 16 @ 00:00
00:00 — 01:00 (1h)