• Who can make a nomination?

    Any full OSAC member or registered member of an OSAC Country Chapter.

  • Who can be nominated?

    Any full OSAC member or registered member of an OSAC Country Chapter.

  • Can I nominate myself and/or my own OSAC membership group?

    Yes, self nominations and nominations of groups you lead or belong to are allowed.

  • How many submissions can I make?

    You may nominate one person per each award category.

  • Can I nominate the same person for more than one award?

    Yes as long as that individual meets all criteria per each award.

  • Is my submission confidential?

    Nominator information is reviewed by the OSAC Awards Committee only and is not published.

  • Who selects the award winners?

    The OSAC Awards Committee, which consists of xxx people [TBD]?

  • How will nominees be notified that they have been selected?

    Nominees will be notified by email or phone approximately xxx days in advance of the ceremony.

  • Will I be notified of nominee selections and winners?

    Although we do not individually notify nominators if their submission has been selected, we welcome you to join us at the ISF Reception to see the Awards presented on November 17!

  • When and where will the award winners be announced?

    At the annual ISF Dinner or Virtual Reception on November 17.

  • What does the award winner receive?

    Each award recipient will receive a custom-engraved crystal award and will be recognized in various OSAC communications materials.