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International Security Foundation (ISF) Dinner


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International Security Foundation (ISF) Dinner


How do I register?

Use the registration link on the homepage. An active OSAC account is required. To create a new account go to osac.gov/About/JoinUs

When is the deadline to register?

OSAC members may register throughout the duration of the Annual Briefing. We encourage you to register early to receive all correspondence ahead of the event and to secure your place in networking sessions.

Who can register for the event?

This event is open to all OSAC members: both at the Limited and Full membership level. If you do not have an account, please visit the Join Us page on our main site.

What if my organization is not registered with OSAC.gov?

If your organization is not yet registered with OSAC, the highest ranking security official at your organization may apply on the Join Us page of OSAC.gov. That person will need to provide your organization’s articles of incorporation. Once the organization is registered, an unlimited number of registrants can become OSAC members under the umbrella of that organization.

Can Country Chapter members register if they are not Full OSAC members?

Yes, Country Chapter members may register even if they do not have Full membership status. You just need an OSAC.gov account.
To request Full OSAC membership under your registered organization, click here. The point of contact for your organization will receive an email notification to approve your request. Once approved, you can register for the Annual Briefing.

Members of my team are not OSAC members but I want them to see an Annual Briefing session. Can they join?

If your organization is registered as an OSAC member, your staff can request to become an approved user by your organization by clicking on the Join Us page of OSAC.gov. During the account registration process you will be able to request for Full Access membership. The Administrator for the organization will then receive an email to approve the request. Once approved, they can register to attend the Annual Briefing either in-person or virtually.

I am in another Government Agency or the military, can I register?

Yes. If you have a .gov or .mil USG email address, you can register for an OSAC.gov account. Once you have an OSAC.gov account, you may register to attend the Annual Briefing.

How do I get an OSAC.gov account?

Register for an OSAC account by applying on the Join Us page of OSAC.gov. During the account registration process you will be able to request for Full Access membership. The Administrator for the organization will then receive an email to approve the request. If you need more information or assistance, please contact OSACadmin@state.gov.

I want to register but I am locked out/forgot my password. Who do I contact for assistance?

If you need to reset your password, visit OSAC.gov and click “I forgot my password” at the login screen and follow the instructions. This request will be sent to the email you have on a file with OSAC. If you need help, please reach out to OSACadmin@state.gov.

I submitted a request for an OSAC.gov account. What is the expected turnaround time?

Please wait five business days before reaching out about the status of your account. If you know your organization’s OSAC account Administrator, we recommend you check in with them to make sure they have approved your application.

Who can help me if my organization’s Administrator has not approved my application yet?

It is the responsibility of the organization’s point of contact to review all pending user applications for their organization. If you have not received approval, please reach out to the Administrator within your organization for a status update. If you do not know your organization’s account Administrator, or if that person has departed your organization, please contact OSACadmin@state.gov.

Health & Safety

Are you instituting specific policies to address COVID-19 and other seasonal illnesses?

OSAC will follow the recommended guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and update policies in accordance with all local, state, and national regulations and policies. Please note that these protocols are subject to change. OSAC reserves the right to update these policies on an as- needed basis.

  • Social Distancing is encouraged.
  • Masks will be available during the Annual Briefing for guests who would like one.
  • Hand sanitizer stations will be set up throughout the venue.
  • Testing kits will be available upon request at the Help Desk.
  • Color-coded lanyards: at check-in, attendees will have the option to choose a lanyard to indicate their preferred level of precaution.
  • Red (desiring highest level of precautions possible in this space) – “I am keeping my distance as much as possible!”
  • Yellow (desiring some caution and respect for social distancing) – “I am avoiding contact, but I am happy to chat!”
  • Green (okay with pre-COVID behaviors) – “I am open to handshakes and high-fives!””

Are you requiring testing, proof of vaccination or masks?

All in-person attendees and speakers are reminded to review the Centers for Disease Control guidelines prior to attending in-person activities.While wearing face masks is not required, we encourage those who wish to wear one, to do so. Attendees will not need to show proof of vaccination or a negative test to attend the event.

What if I feel sick or am aware of a close contact exposure before, during, or after the event?

Any person who is exhibiting symptoms of, or been diagnosed with COVID-19, or who has interacted with someone who has, should stay home.

  • If you are sick or suspect you may have COVID-19, or been exposed to COVID-19, within 10 days. Please stay home and join us virtually.
  • Due to the size of the event, we will not be offering contact tracing. Although we are taking every precaution possible to ensure the safety of our guests during this in-person event, please be advised that all activities will be held indoors, and masks will not be required.

If I want to wear a mask during the event, is that ok?

Yes. OSAC encourages anyone to wear a mask if that makes them comfortable. We will allow attendees to choose a lanyard with a color clearly indicating your preference to wear a mask, practice social distancing and refrain from person-to-person contact. There will be other lanyards for those who are open to handshakes and hugs or more close contact.

Where can I go if I have further questions?

If you have additional questions as it relates to health and safety, please contact osacregistrations@state.gov.During the event, please stop by the Help Desk in the Atrium to speak to an OSAC Staff Member.

Getting There

Where is the event located?

7750 Capital One Tower Rd., Tysons, VA

What are the closest accommodations?

Hilton McLean Tysons Corner
Oakwood at Gates of McLean
Archer Hotel Tysons
The Ritz- Carlton, Tysons Corner

Are there any metro stops close to the event?

The closest stop is McLean on the Silver line.

What airports are nearby?

Dulles International Airport (IAD)
Reagan International Airport (DCA)
Baltimore Washington International Airport (BWI)

Will there be shuttle buses?

We will not be having shuttle buses at this time.


Where do I view this year’s Annual Briefing?

The OSAC Annual Briefing will be virtual and can be viewed on OSAC’s Annual Briefing website. Content will be aired on the website’s homepage. The Annual Briefing website also provides information on the event’s agenda, sponsors, networking opportunities, and more. Registered attendees will receive highlighted content and reminders through their email prior to the Annual Briefing.

How do I view this year’s Annual Briefing?

As the event draws closer, registered attendees will receive an email to log into their accounts on the Annual Briefing website. Attendees must set a password and login to see the virtual event on our event website. Logged in members will be given access to the networking and main stage content areas. Links emailed to attendees are unique to each individual and should not be shared.

What security parameters are in place to make sure the audience is vetted?

OSAC considers the safety and security of its attendees, venues, and platforms its number one priority – whether the event is in-person or virtual. For this year’s Annual Briefing, OSAC is requiring all participants to hold an active OSAC.gov user login credential, have registered to attend, and acknowledge adherence to Chatham House Rule and OSAC’s Code of Conduct. Violation of any of the above risks the participant’s future involvement in OSAC’s groups and access to its resources. If you have any security concerns, please contact OSACRegistration@state.gov immediately.

Will this event be recorded? If so, where can the recording be found?

Yes, the event will be recorded and will be posted to the Annual Briefing website for registered, logged in users directly following the event.

Contact Us

Who do I contact if I need assistance?

If you require assistance, please email OSACregistration@state.gov for assistance.

International Security Foundation (ISF) Dinner

What is the ISF Dinner?

The International Security Foundation (ISF) is a nonprofit 501(c)3 tax-exempt educational organization with the mission to protect U.S. interests overseas through education, information sharing and funding the Overseas Security Advisory Council and other security-related organizations. Every year, the ISF hosts its Annual Dinner to celebrate OSAC’s strong public-private partnership and the support of its sponsors and stakeholders.

Who can attend?

The ISF Dinner is a separate event from the OSAC Annual Briefing with its own registration. It will be held at the National Building Museum in downtown D.C. and everyone is welcome (you don’t have to be an OSAC member to attend). If you’d like to join in, please register here!

When is it?

The ISF Dinner will be held on Wednesday, November 16 at 6:30PM (EST) at the National Building Museum, 440 G Street, NW, Washington DC. Keynote speaker: Robert M. Gates,  Secretary of Defense (2006-2011).

How do I purchase tickets?

Ticket sales will be available after Labor Day at ​​https://isf4osac.org/isfdinner. Please note that this is a separate registration from OSAC’s Annual Briefing. Sponsorship information can be found here https://isf4osac.org/support-isf/sponsorship/

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OSAC is a public-private partnership offered by the U.S. Department of State’s Diplomatic Security Service. Membership is entirely free and open to any corporate, non-profit, academic, faith-based or other U.S.-incorporated organization of any size with operations outside the United States.