OSAC Annual Briefing

Virtual Event

The OSAC Annual Briefing is one of the most celebrated security community events of the year. Free and available to all OSAC members with an active account on OSAC.gov, the Annual Briefing provides a unique opportunity to connect with public and private sector experts to discuss emerging threats, review lessons learned from recent global events, and to share information on mitigating and managing future risk.

This year’s presentations and live discussions focused on the impact of “Strategic Competition and Emerging Security Challenges” on private sector organizations. How do competition and cooperation among major geopolitical powers, digital threats and disinformation, climate change and resource rivalries, and more affect our ability to operate safely around the world?


Hear from Experts

Secretary John Kerry

U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, Former Secretary of State

DAS Richard Kidd

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Environment and Energy Resilience, Department of Defense

Suzanne Spaulding

Center for Strategic and International Studies


Meet with Peers

All day, every day

Attendants built a powerful connections through live 1:1 and small group conversations throughout the event.