November 16 - 18, 2021

Strategic Competition and Emerging Security Challenges


OSAC Annual Briefing

Virtual Event

The OSAC Annual Briefing is one of the most celebrated security community events of the year. It provides a unique opportunity to connect with experts from both the public and private sectors to discuss emerging threats, review lessons learned from recent global events, and to share information on mitigating and managing future risk.

This year, the OSAC Annual Briefing will explore the impact of strategic competition and emerging security challenges on private sector organizations. Through the lens of competition and cooperation with major geopolitical powers, sessions will cover Climate Change, Amorphous Risk, and Disinformation and Digital Threats.


Meet with Peers

All day, every day

You are joining the OSAC Annual Briefing to meet great people and learn about new things. But how do you spark meaningful conversations in a virtual space? This year, OSAC is replicating that real-life experience with a tool called “Braindate.”

Braindate allows one-on-one or small group conversations based on topics posted by you and fellow participants in the Braindate Topic Market. Join conversations led by RSOs, OSAC Analysts, Council leaders, and other OSAC members, or create your own! With Braindate, you can discuss specific security challenges, brainstorm mitigation strategies, or just share experiences while getting to know new colleagues.


Keynote Speakers

Secretary John Kerry

U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, Former Secretary of State

Susan Stigant

Director of Africa Programs, U.S. Institute of Peace

Dr. Mia Bloom

International Security Fellow at New America


Past Conferences

We hope you enjoy these memories of some of our favorite Annual Briefing moments from the recent and more distant past…